Advice on dating thai women

07-Sep-2018 08:06

(We've been using Paolo hospital recently for a new baby).She also says - a girl from up here somewhere going to Phuket and not working bar?? All I can say is this - if a relationship starts and she quickly asks for money to help a family member, help her live a bit better - what ever the reason, then run a mile. She went to school to learn about working in the restaurant and hotel industry.She had to go home again to see her mother recently who has cancer (she sends money home to her mother). It seems she is very stressed out about her situation. She has a lot of stress financially with her mothers sickness, and she doesn't want to be alone anymore.

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20k for 3 hospital visits sounds like quite a bit unless she went to the international hospital and mentioned that she had a foreign boyfriend to cover the charges. Convinced that she loves you: She won't take down her profile... Sorry to sound negative, but there have been too many guys with good intentions being taken for a ride by some of these women. I just about no them all..indeed, check to see how long she has been on the website, then ask yourself, would a sexy looking woman like that, be still online after 1, 2, 3, 4 yrs... this lady is making all the right moves a scammer would make get things going, sick mama story, wants money to pay for health issues, stay on internet until later... Girls like this are very keen to find a green horn who doesn't really know what it going on. I don't mean to sound offensive either - it happened to me and I was suckered into giving 30,000 baht for a sick mother etc.She has also had to go to see a doctor for female problems lately, and I had the impression she is feeling more stressed as she has to pay for that too.

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