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05-Jan-2018 12:39

To follow the way of Christ; to love God & your brother as yourself, to not judge, give to the poor, do onto others as you would have them do unto you, is the way, the light and the truth and to accept that Christ is the way to life is the Word of God in action. Dautovs Peterson Andrejs If I could have my way right now, I will make you a step mother to daughter and I hope you know what that means! Dautovs Peterson Andrejs You have just given to me a hedge to fly to you right now.

The bible is a book that speaks about God but does NOT speak for God, for Christ's speaks for the Father in Heaven. I've always admired your being, how beautiful and accommodating you are, your spirited and positive ways of life.

But if he plans on air-boarding in the off-season, man, watch out.

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I presume it can't be possible especially when you're still living under the roof of your kids Dad!

Dautovs Peterson Andrejs You know, I shall be back in few minutes. Dautovs Peterson Andrejs Lol so are you coming with me ? I want you to be someone that I can have something special with. I feel very secured and restful having you around me.