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14-Apr-2018 13:10

“I and my comrades in arms, reading the Koran, defended Russia’s integrity, fought and continue to fight against international terrorism,” Kadyrov, a close ally of Putin, wrote on his preferred soapbox, Instagram.

“I demand strict punishment for these instigators.” Russia’s Jehovah’s Witnesses have no prominently placed allies, and their religious practice of public proselytizing on city streets and doorsteps and by telephone has earned them the reputation of being a public nuisance.

Often, the targets are Muslims, some of whom, like followers of the Turkish Muslim theologian Said Nursi, are not tied to terrorism.

“In the last two years, we’ve had a twofold increase in these kinds of cases,” said Verkhovsky, adding that the rise was also tied to the conflict with Ukraine.

Russia’s quickly expanding register of extremist materials, which in the past four years grew from 1,000 entries to more than 3,000, has even prompted a federal pushback.

Putin last month submitted a remarkable bill to parliament that “grants immunity” from extremism rulings to four foundational religious texts: the Bible, the Koran, the Jewish Tanakh and the Tibetan Buddhist Kangyur.

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The visit sparked a religious revival in Koptev and his wife, Lyubov, and they converted two years later in a seaside baptism.Koptev, as a senior member of the congregation, faces a possible six years in prison. Who did nothing illegal, who read nothing illegal, why was I secretly filmed and listened to? [In rare foreign trip, Assad flies to Moscow to meet with Putin] Officially, the Jehovah’s Witnesses were banned from Taganrog in 2009 for inciting religious hatred by “propagating the exclusivity and supremacy” of their religion, a charge that defense lawyers say every major religion is guilty of.

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