Updating to a new linux kernel 100 online dating sites in spain

24-Dec-2017 08:27

My goal was to add kernel version 2.6.17, which was the latest at the time of my project. The first step is to retrieve the kernel source code. This command compiles the application, the menu, which creates a configuration file for you.

updating to a new linux kernel-69

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After upgrading the kernel, you'll have to reboot your Pi to switch to the updated version.Please let me know if you figure out how to do so, and I will publish the solution.) This brings us to the last step.The initial ram disk image is a file that holds images of modules for the kernel to use before it can retrieve modules in the normal way from the hard drive.Here you can download complete kernels or kernel patches.

On writing this article the most up to date kernel is you have downloaded a bz2 file type: tar -xjvf filename.bz2 to unzip If you have downloaded a gzip file use type: tar -xzvf To keep with file system convention this file should be untared (unziped) to /usr/src/, where all your source code should be stored.

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